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CGI Email Form

Tripod's form handling program allows you to send email from a form to yourself, as described in the CGI library section of the TOOLS section at The email is sent to the email address you specified when you acquired the TRIPOD site. Just customize this file to fit your requirements!

______ What's your name?
What's your email address?

Check all that apply:
I really liked your web site.
I thought your web site was the best.
I wish my site was as nice.

Choose the thing you love best about my web pages:
That gorgeous picture of you in the year 2001.
That fabulous picture of the WSU Library.
The wonderful list of MP3 music treasures.

Suppose my web pages were a movie!
How many tickets do you thing I'd sell?

How do you think I could improve my site?

Please input your remarks below: