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Free ZIP file downloads from Greenwood Research

ZIP packages include installation instructions, executable code, and source code in C with comments in C++ for the Borland Turbo C++ for Windows 3.1 compiler. See also Greenwood Research free stellar software downloads at thelostchord.html, including explanations, references, and links to printouts and supporting literature.

CHANDRA ZIP Package - Collapsed Stellar objects, white dwarfs, neutron stars by the method of Chandrasekar & Fowler.
STAREXP ZIP Package - Basic stellar structure software STAREXP with supernova forecaster.
FUSION ZIP Package - Star7 series fusion process investigator. Includes stellar evolution and core collapse.
STAR8 ZIP Package - 2nd order structural software for the Sun based on variation methods. Fails on most other stars.
DEPTHSTA ZIP Package - Estimates the distance to a star from its fusion process model and observed data.
BOLOMETER ZIP Package - Corrections for atmospheric absorption at a given zenith angle to stellar visual magnitude.

CALCULATE π Package - Computes π by the method of Archimedes, Chinese method, Liebnitz method, and Newton's method.

Feb. 20, 2005
Our original compliment of ZIP packages to support Greenwood Research stellar structure software was largely wiped out when TRIPOD killed for unstated reasons. Basic ZIP packages were available for CHANDRA, STAREXP, and the calculation of π were available on diskettes, and these have been restored. More advanced material from Thermonuclear Fusion in Stars was restored Feb.24, 2005 in ZIP packages put together to replace material that was not adequately backed up, as I recently obtained a demo copy of WinZip to prepare them with.

Backups: Tripod, AngelCities, S5